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Life as foster carer- the big question

Lewis's picture: Climbing rocks at Padley Gorge with his foster carer and his brother

When you’re telling your friends about your cute temporary infant, they all eventually ask about what is known in the trade as the ‘transition.’ “How will you feel when he/she moves on?” they say, sometimes in a whisper in case youngster is listening. For our first foster baby, of course we had no idea what we’d be like when he left ...

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Have you “herd” the one about a new cow-funded fence?

Cows in Sheffield yesterday

Have you “herd” the one about a new cow-funded fence? Sheffield’s runners and walkers got together in a unique ‘cowfunder’ appeal this summer. The aim was to raise nearly £3,000 in under 48 hours for a new fence on a popular run route near Ringinglow, also frequented by a herd of Limousin cattle. “There’d been a few incidents over the ...

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The many joys of life as a foster carer- David Bocking’s column


One of the first things Foster Carers learn is that foster children don’t officially go by that name anymore: our children are called ‘LACs’ or ‘Looked after Children.’ And boy, are they looked after — at the last count our current child has been regularly seeing over a dozen brilliant NHS professionals over her first year of life. She has a number ...

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I would cycle one million miles

Rosie Frazer from Love to Ride (left) celebrates topping a million miles with some of the companies already promoting staff cycling: David Walters from Metlase, Karl Hallam from EyeEye opticians, Darren Hardwick from the University of Sheffield and Sam Woodhead from Inmotion!

2 July 2018 South Yorkshire cyclists reached their millionth milestone this month, after 2,272 riders and 201 companies on the county’s Love to Ride cycling initiative clocked up 1,080,733 miles after the scheme had been running for just over a year. “It shows that there’s a real interest in getting about on a bike in modern towns and cities,” said Rosie ...

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The elm tree and the butterfly


“It’s almost like the title of a book: ‘The elm tree and the butterfly,’” said Liz Ballard. The story of the elm and the butterfly began 120 years ago, when planners of Sheffield’s affluent suburbs chose a popular ‘Huntingdon’ elm hybrid for the junction of Chelsea and Union Roads in Nether Edge. The tree grew rapidly, and attracted a white letter ...

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Foster caring in Sheffield – David Bocking

Foster dad with baby- picture by Daisy

11 June 2018 A version of this piece was first published in the Sheffield Star. If you’re a baby, you should be aware that being seen out on your own with a proud looking man in his fifties will raise eyebrows. Grandparents with babies generally come in pairs, although female-only elder companionship is also common when parents are busy working. ...

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